Ben Groocock

Everything you need to know.

Where I'm From

Born in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. I grew up surrounded by computers and technology due to my father’s work. With my mother from the financial sector, I became interested in business and technology.

  1. Team Building
  2. Discipline
  3. Communication
  4.  Strong Work Ethic
  5. Working Under Pressure
  6. Knowledge of all social media platforms
  7. Experience in All Microsoft Applications
  8. Photoshop/Video Editing

Previously stated before, my interests are mostly within the Business and Technology sector. Certainly somewhere I want my career path to take in the future.

Other interests in my own time include

  1.  Editing/Designing
  2. Trading/Investing
  3. Sport
  4. Market Research
  5. Also of course, Gaming (WHEN SPARE)

I currently study at well respected University of Liverpool. Studying International Business w/ a Year in Industry I am focused on pursuing a career within the business/finance sector. I am currently looking for a 12 month placement which is towards my degree. However provides me with an opportunity in a potential future with more experience and knowledge.

Work Experience

I worked on the computers to go through advertisements and the information on the house listings, making sure everything was correct and valid to be posted on their website. This was important to the business as it made sure their professionalism was shown consistently which attracts customers to trust the business. - In the field of accounting I reconciled the daily transactions of the business and recorded the cheques to keep the business aligned with the correct money differences. I monitored multiple databases to keep track of all company inventory, including available listings, number of signs/boards and folders. - Prepared houses and made sure everything was in order for house viewings, as well as measuring the dimensions of the rooms and preparing them for photography.
Armstrong Gordon
Estate agency
I worked at this company computerising data of payments, cheques etc onto a database so there is a virtual back up of the paper versions. This involves stamping and recording the data, separating data through folders, in order and going through checks to make sure all payments and emails are valid.
McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited
transport company
I worked here during the golf as table service, customer service and cleaning. This involved speaking to customers and making sure their experience was good Education and valued. I worked in the Champions Club for all 5 days during the competition and made sure that all tables and timings were correct for the customers.
Catering Company

Education Results


GCSE results

  1.  IT – A
  2. English – B
  3. Media – B
  4. Biology – B 
  5. Spanish – C
  6. Maths – C

My GCSE results are lower than others yes, however since I have continued to become more focused towards my goal I have worked my way back and became more mature for it.

A-Level Results

  1.  BTEC Information Technology – D*
  2. Media – A
  3. Politics – B 

Why Me?

I believe that I can bring a lot to the table for a business due to my passion to move forward in the business field. Yes, anyone can write a brilliant essay or CV, but I can work just as hard and quickly adapt to different environments which makes me versatile and willing.

What can I bring to the table?

Even though working for you will be a brilliant opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, I have a wide range of experience in different job roles which combined, create a consistent, versatile worker. With experience in accounting, office management, leadership roles, and customer service, comes with a variety of skills and characteristics that could be useful to you.